We're small independent games studio in Slovakia creating products with novel mechanics and strong visual style.

Our games explore new ideas and gameplay mechanics and we've shiped games using new technologies as Augmented Reality or holographic displays.

In the news:
"A Clever Twist On Strategy"
"Holy moly that looks awesome"
Touch Arcade
"Pleasingly tactile experience"
The Verge
Euclidean Lands and Euclidean Skies are puzzle game about spatial manipulations, loved by users and critics alike!
Euclidean Lands is a turn based puzzle game about fights on a rotating world. Euclidean Skies was a sequel that explored asymetrical geometries, pushing the gameplay to whole another level.
Both games are fully playable in Augmented Reality.

Apple loves our games.
Apart from frequent featuring they are using our visuals on their website, events and have our games pre-installed in stores.

Euclidean Lands was awarded best of 2017 by AppStore.

Our games are on television! Watch NCIS: New Orleans now.

Both Euclidean games are fully playable in AR.

We won!

We've partnered with Leia to bring Euclidean Lands to their holographic phone.

Unity booth on GDC 2017.

straka.studio s.r.o., Puskinova 795/8, 018 51 Nová Dubnica, Slovakia, company identification number: 52 972 356, VAT: SK2121230067